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Natural look is the most important element in rhinoplasty. Therefore, there is a need for personal computer-aided design. The result of a successful rhinoplasty surgery is a healthy and beautiful nose besides a natural look.

The nose is the major element defining aesthetic of face. Rhinoplasty constitutes the most special surgery group in aesthetic surgery field.

Rhinoplasty is carried out in order to reshape the nose. The tip of the nose can be repositioned (up or down) or reshaped (thinner or thicker). The curvatures can be fixed. If the nose bone is thin it can be filled. Big nostrils can be reduced. Asymmetries in nose can be reshaped. If the patient suffers from septum deviation which is accompanied by internal cartilage and bone deviation with problems when breathing besides problems about the shape of the nose, rhinoplasty surgery is combined with septum deviation surgery in order to enable easy breathing for the patient. Ideal rhinoplasty surgeries must also make a difference in easily breathing in addition to reshaping the nose in proportion with the face.

Rhinoplasty candidates

Rhinoplasty surgeries are recommended after the developmental period when the nose has its final shape. The people with problems in the shape of their noses can be operated after they are 17 or 18 years old. Rhinoplasty candidates must complete their personal development besides physical developments. People with personality problems are not appropriate for rhinoplasty surgeries. Rhinoplasty candidates must perceive the realities without unrealistic expectations. People who admire their favorite star's nose and have a nose like them can be disappointed after the surgery as each person has a different facial characteristic.

Nose Examination

The most important part of planning rhinoplasty operation is designing a nose model together with a detailed examination. Nose examination includes both exterior and interior of the nose including the air canals inside the nose. The structure of nose skin, shape of bones and cartilages, symmetry and the position of the tip of the nose is evaluated via external examination. Septum deviation which includes difficult breathing through the nose due to off-center or crooked cartilage and bone besides existence of a concha or its growth is evaluated during internal examination.

Ideal Nose Design

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A special nose model must be designed with computer before rhinoplasty. Ideal nose shape design is based on general shape of your face. A nose model must be created which is in harmony with forehead, cheek, lips and chin in accordance with golden proportion of the face. The ideal nose looks natural in harmony with other facial lines. Natural look is the most important element in rhinoplasty. Believing that natural look must be prominent in rhinoplasty surgery designs, I design for the personal needs of my patients. The result of a successful rhinoplasty surgery is a healthy and beautiful nose besides a natural look. While elegancy stands out in female patients, male charecterists is important for male patients during ideal nose design.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplastic surgeries must be carried out using general anesthesia. All the surgeries which require general anesthesia are done in hospitals with full equipment. Duration of the surgery may vary between 1 to 3 hours according to the problem of the nose. Bones and cartilages are reshaped according to the determined design during rhinoplasty surgery. Extra bones and cartilages are removed if any. Bones and cartilages are used to reshape the nose. Each surgeon has a unique technique during rhinoplasty surgeries. I use filing or breaking methods when I reshape bone structures. I do not prefer placing silicone or cotton tamps inside nostrils at the end of the surgery so that you can easily breathe after the surgery. I place an external plaster mould in order to preserve the shape of the nose after the surgery. The plaster mould is removed after a week.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

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You will feel comfortable during post-operation period of rhinoplasty surgery without minimum problems of the surgery. You may have a dull ache that can be reduced with painkillers. You can leave the hospital if you feel good at the operation day or stay at hospital if you would like to rest. You are free to turn back to your daily life in recovery period. There is no need for bedrest. There will not be edema or bruise around your nose or eyes. Odem can increase slightly in the 1st or 2nd day but it disappears in 1 week. Bruise will also disappear in 1 week. All the bruises and edema will disappear just before your appointment when the plastic mould is removed from your nose 1 week after the surgery. You can continue your daily routine as if you hadn't been operated. Your nose final shape will be clear in minimum 6 months. Avoid sun rays, glasses and impacts in the first months following the surgery. Prefer contact lenses rather than glasses.